Electric Label Rewinder Standard Duty

15.00 LBS


Quick Facts

  • 3” Core or Coreless Rewind Shaft with Inner Flange and Bail.
  • Core Diameter - 3” or Coreless
  • Label Width - Up to 4.5” (114-mm)
  • Roll Diameter - Up to 8.6” (220-mm)


This inexpensive MINI-CAT Label Rewinders/Unwinders is ideal for many day-to-day rewinding/unwinding jobs and perfect for short to medium runs of labels.  The MC-10A rewinds on standard 3” Cores. You can also rewind coreless (without any Core at all).

With a maximum finish roll diameter of 8.6” these durable, trouble-free Rewinders/Unwinders are designed for continuous 24/7 service and are backed by our impressive 5-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty!

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