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Laser & Inkjet Label Specifications

Laser & Inkjet Labels

Laser Labels

Laser labels are used for on-demand printing applications. Companies such as 3PLs, manufacturers, hospitals, pharmacies, and office supply outlets use laser labels and inkjet labels for different applications ranging from shipping and address labels to patient identification labels and prescription labels. Laser labels are also ideal for CD and DVD labeling.

Inkjet labels

Inkjet Labels are used for the same applications as laser labels, but are specially made to print with inkjet printers. Inkjet labels print on inkjet printers and use ink to print on the labels. Laser labels are made to print on laser printers, which use toner and heat to print on the labels.

Our premium white laser / inkjet 8 ½ x 11 labels are available in a variety of formats. These stock inkjet labels are also available in packages of 100 sheets or in bulk packages.

  • We also offer our laser labels in 8 ½ x 14 size sheets
  • We can make custom laser labels
  • Laser labels are perfect for packaging, mailing and address labels, and other applications